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— To the editor:

Over the last two years, the town of Cicero has been fighting for its life. For most of the people in CNY, this is no big surprise, as many communities are fighting hard to stay afloat. With reports stating that Cicero will be bankrupt by 2019, we have had one single hope: Councilman Mike Becallo.

Mike has fought hard to try to cut costs, reduce spending and reduce taxes for the residence of Cicero. He has faced incredible opposition from the rest of the town board in his efforts, but one simple look back to meeting minutes throughout the last two years and this is no farce, as he is actually fighting for these items.

Mike is now looking to push the envelope further. His bid for state assembly is the best thing for the 127th District. Current Assemblyman Al Stirpe is admirable and has done a good job, and there is no ill feelings towards him or his work. He has fought for us, there is no doubt there.

However, Mike is going to push us into a further, better state than we are in right now. For most people change is hard, and this change is needed. Mike has seen things from a vast array of perspectives, which gives him the unique attributes to make a phenomenal assemblyman. He works daily with the medical field, which lends him insight to the ups and downs of the medical field as well as the economy. His line of work knows no income base, which means he sees people from the top of Onondaga County to the absolute bottom of the county.

He is also a board member of the North Syracuse Education Foundation, which lends him into the education of our children in the county. Again, another perspective he sees and is able to bring to the table. His experiences speak for themselves, and attending any meeting that Mike is involved in will show you quickly he will not and does not want anything less than the best he can get for our town. This will continue for the 127th District if he is elected.

I urge those who do not know him well enough to look him up or contact him to chat. He will listen, and he will fight for what the citizens want. He does what an elected official is supposed to do: he serves the people that elected him. As a resident of Cicero, I know firsthand which council member will fight for us and which ones will not. Mike is the one who does.

Justin Frey


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